Posted by: Dominik | August 15, 2007

Not yet arranged

I called Tongji University yesterday to ask them when the spring semester 2008 will start. They didn’t know, told me “the schedule is not yet aranged” and I should try again in november. The whole thing seems to depend on the Chinese Spring Festival whose date is well-known. I suppose it’s one of these intercultural challgenges we have to cope. 😉

Just to show the difference to Germany: The winter semester 2008/2009 at TU München will be from October 13, 2008 until February 2, 2009.


  1. Aw, come on! It is not THAT bad. In China they change the dates of the festivals according to the chinese calender. Perhaps that’s the reason.

    Germany ain’t that organized either! 😉

  2. Sure, but that’s all known. There is no wise man saying “When is the Spring Festival? Hmmm, … Tomorrow.”

  3. […] around 20th february Much better. […]

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