Posted by: Dominik | September 10, 2007

chinese textbooks

The Chinese course I attended last year used the book Chinesisch für Deutsche (Chinese for Germans). The problem is that it doesn’t contain information on how to write Chinese characters at all. You have to figure it out by yourself. And the first dialogs are about mother, father, cat, dog and the fact that some students learn while others have a break. Not the kind of vocabulary that I suppose is most needed during the first days in Shanghai.

So I think about getting a new book. ChinesePod is going to cover Integrated Chinese throughout the next semester. I also read about the New Practical Chinese Reader which is prefered by some reviewers. How on earth should I know which one is better?



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  2. Hi, Dominik, I happen to read your post in your blog. To learn how to write Chinese characters, have you tried the online stroke order tools? I found this one useful and free of charge:
    It’s a stroke order practice course for “Standard Chinese” textbooks. When you click the Chinese character, the flash animation will show you how to write it with English and Chinese annotations.
    Hope it’s helpful, enjoy!

  3. Thank you very much for the hint. I didn’t know the site but it looks quite promising.

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