Posted by: Dominik | November 24, 2007

driving me crazy

Ok, so I got a laptop, X61s, rid of Vista and have been trying to install Ubuntu for two days now… without success. When I boot from a copied live CD, the installer reports defective files, a netinstall doesn’t work from home and when I try to install from the ISO file the thing reports a defective CD. But there is no CD and the MD5 hash of the file is correct. Arg.



  1. IBMs are normally pretty good at switching but maybe that’s changed now they’re Lenovo.
    Kubuntu might work –
    but I’ve read (sorry, I can’t remember where) that Vista can be tough to remove completely – you might want to search that out as a possible cause of the problem.
    Something you can run from disc/usb like PuppyLinux might be useful as a transitional tool…

  2. […] Thanks to Thanks to ThinkWiki nearly everything’s working now, even the fingerprint reader. But my poor little laptop got a defective pixel. And I’m in […]

  3. i have SUSE SLED 10 at home. It was easy.

  4. …i cheated tho, i work at novell and asked someone to do it for me =P

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