Posted by: Dominik | January 2, 2008

stockholm, day two

Closed Lidl in Stockholm.Lidl, closed again.

Pastry at 7-ElevenPastry at 7-Eleven. The famous Kanelbullar are on the left side.

Bananas in a Swedish shop
All the little shops seem to sell bananas.

Noodles with FetaNoodles with feta. My fellow travellers, a vegan and a one-week vegan, preferred to order it without cheese.

Sergels Torg at night
Sergels Torg
at Night. I have yet to see Stockhom when it’s not dark…

How to use emergency breaks in the Stockholm MetroHow to use the emergency brakes in the Stockholm Metro. The question is: Why do you need an emergency break if it doesn’t stop the train?

Escalators with displaysThe same Swedish escalators, but this time the displays show more information. I couldn’t take a picture of the one saying it didn’t work but a technician was on its way.

How to use an escalatorHow to use an escalator.



  1. […] This display in the Stockholm Metro says you should mind the gap between train and platform. I couldn’t take a picture of the one saying you should pull the emergency brake in case of an accident. But why would you do this if the train won’t stop. […]

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