Posted by: Dominik | January 5, 2008

helsinki with two vegans

First view of FinlandA first view of Finland while disembarking

M/S Mariella in HelsinkiM/S Mariella in Helsinki

Finn's favorite letters
Finn’s favorite letters on a poster in the tram

Tourist intruding Finish living spaceTourist intruding Finish living space

Downtown HelsinkiDowntown Helsinki

Counter area of a Finish bankCounter area of a Finish bank

Helsinki CathedralHelsinki Cathedral

Ship seen from Helsinki CathedralShip seen from Helsinki Cathedral

House with display in HelsinkiBuilding with display

Helsinki Central railway stationHelsinki Central railway station

Vegetable cheese pastaVegetable cheese pasta, not vegan

Looking vegan foodNear central station, too expensive

Looking vegan foodPerfect restaurant with dishes without “any animal matters”. Doesn’t serve à la carte food until 3 pm.

Vegetarian chicken
Vegetarian chicken

Chinese restaurant with vegan food
Final destination

Rice noodles with vegetablesMy Rice noodles with vegetables

Noodles with vegetables and separated eggOne-week vegan’s noodles with vegetables and separated egg.

TofuHardcore vegan’s tofu with vegetables

Finish record storeFinish record store

Pedestrian lights in HelsinkiPedestrian lights

M/S Viking XPRS being built in HelsinkiM/S Viking XPRS being built in Helsinki

Posters aboard M/S MariellaAdvertising for tax free shopping everywhere aboard M/S Mariella.


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