Posted by: Dominik | January 7, 2008

leaving sweden

LappisAnother view of Lappis

GrillkrydderiPreviously mentioned Grillkrydderi

Fried noodles with GrillkrydderiAnd the fried noodles I’d usually make with onions, basil, oregano and thyme. But if Grillkrydderi is the only thing available… 😉

Last combined breakfast and lunch with fried noodles, Kanelbullar, bread and margarine. That was one-week vegan’s first day back in his old life and the first time in Sweden that we could eat Kanelbulle together.

On the way to UniversitetetOn the way to Universitetet

Nice light

Flygbussarna terminalFlygbussarna terminal

Check-in at Stockholm-Skavsta AirportCheck-in at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Boeing 737-800, RyanairOur plane arrived too late so we had to wait for an hour. The pilot was quite funny, he appologized and assured: “We’ll have you down there as soon as possible.” Then he asked everyone to be seated as soon as possible because: “We have to be airborne in ten minutes.” He didn’t even stop at the beginning of the rollway, just drove around the corner, speeded up and took off.

Weapon aboardThey take away all the nail scissors but sell canned peanuts with these sharp tops. I’d rather be threatened with the scissors.

Frozen carFrozen car

Burger King vs. GusticusBurger King vs. Gusticus. Why is the first one closed at half past midnight?

Fried potatoesFried potatoes

Finally homeFinally home



  1. Hi, I am Alper from Stockholm. I am a master student in ICT Entrepreneurship department, i read your blog and liked it. If you want you can also check my blog out

    Keep going 🙂

  2. They have Burger King everywhere, ugh!!

    I went on a writing residency in southern Spain and in a small town called Mojacar on the Andalusian coast there was this huge Burger King right on the beach, but it was spelled “Burguer King” . . .

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