Posted by: Dominik | January 8, 2008

impressions back home



Freising Cathedral


I’ll post some of the over 1.400 pictures I took in Sweden soon.



  1. did you do anything else in scaninavia than making photos? 1400 pictures in a few days??

  2. Scandinavia is so great that I had to take that many pictures. I want to go back… In Helsinki we took pictures of everything because we had no plan and didn’t know if there’d be more interesting stuff. 😉

  3. if you like scandinavia you really would like iceland. i haven`t made 1400 pictures yet but there will come many more because i really love it to walk and look around. the scandinavia style is really great. 😉

  4. It really is. I’d really like to spend more time there. China better be at least as beautiful.

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