Posted by: Dominik | January 23, 2008

delta m

Four weeks until I have to be in Shanghai. No appartment yet. But a flight:

Itinerary Munich - Shanghai

I’ll arrive in Hongqiao rather than the modern Pudong Airport. It’s nearer and I better get my things to wherever I stay before exploring the city.

According to the lady of the Air China service hotline I may take thirty kilogram to Beijing but only twenty to Shanghai. Different regulations for international and domestic flights. Ok. I thought about sending some stuff by mail. Beijing, Shanghai. That shouldn’t take too long. A Chinese friend advised against it. Hm.



  1. i had the same luggage problem when flying to iceland. hard to pack with low weight for being 6 months in a cold country…

    finally i had ~25 kg in my luggage (20 allowed). and nobody cared.

  2. Did you have to send things by mail or could you fit everything in your luggage?

  3. i fitted all things in my luggage. but now i have just a few pullovers and have to wash my clothes very often. 😉

  4. […] time next week I’ll be aboard Air China flight 962 on my way to Shanghai. I’ll have written two more exams, cleared the apartment I have been […]

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