Posted by: Dominik | January 25, 2008

better off without you

I mentioned before that I don’t appreciate the behavior of many facebook applications. A good example are all these walls. Fun, Advanced, Super, Giga, Mega, Monster Wall. No one can tell me they were made for the user. The only reason they’re still out there is because they spam around like hell.

While skyping with a friend we both checked out his facebook profile and I asked him about an item in his Mini-Feed. A mutual friend sent him something that looked like a blond girl:


We clicked on it and it was… nothing. Niente. Nada. Nichts:


But the fun continued. After clicking on the link I was forced to install Super Wall and found myself on a page with a dozen postcard images. I clicked next without selecting anything and got to another page where the application asked me to chose the friends I wanted to spam. I clicked on “Skip”, was sent back to the wall and found a message. A message I had sent. At least that’s what it says:


Seems like all my friends got it… Arrrg. I hate spammers and now that crap made me seem like one. šŸ˜”

And I got an empty post, too. From my friend, who also said he didn’t send it. Perhaps they’ll go broke one day. In the meantime, just fb-sw-5.png it.

Update: I hope this will help:




  1. apropos facebook-features:

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