Posted by: Dominik | February 23, 2008

please sign here

In order to take the extensive language course at the International School I had to resign at the School of Economics and Management. It’s not possible to be enrolled in both without paying extra.

Today I got my Chinese books and had to sign with my Chinese name: 马德. The first one means “horse”, the second one “kindness”, “morality” or “virtue” and is also used for German things: 德国 = Germany, 德国人 = German (person), …

I could only write the first sign so they painted both and I tried to imitate them. To make sure it’s readable they repeated “德” in brackets…


  1. Mensch Poce, was du erlebst! Hast dich schon bissl eingelebt?? Bei uns sind seit gestern die Klausuren vorbei… endlich ausschlafen 🙂

    Pass auf dich auf!


  2. Schau mal, ich hab dir in meinem letzten blogeintrag eine Notiz hinterlassen! Hoff du kommst halbwegs klar in Shanghai, ich bin leider derzeit wegen Laptopmangel nicht ueber Skype zu erreichen.

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