Posted by: Dominik | March 3, 2008

back to the food

Shinla Levain
Didn’t I say this wasn’t the last time I’ve been there…

Pizza with two forks
The pizza was so gigantic that I took half of it home and ate it at school.



  1. […] Our usual table was taken so we chose another one and Ouwen found himself sitting on a bunch of cables. He […]

  2. Interesting how the old neighbourhood has changed! More local fare but I still hanker for a good British pub now and then (can’t get it in Hong kou) Still, its an up and coming area… BTW, how was the pizza? Is it thin crust? bought the banana bread and thought it pretty good.

  3. The pizza was good but my favorite is the one of “The Story” in Zhengmin Lu, behind Fudan Daxue. This one is not a thin crust, “The Story” has both. I’ll try to post some pictures. Right now I’m still struggling with the VPN…

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