Posted by: Dominik | March 4, 2008

more food

This was never intended to become a food blog and I promise to stop. But finding something to eat isn’t that easy and the things you get may not be what you expect them to be. So, another restaurant that seemed a little bit more exalted than the ones before:

Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant
Press a button to order, get the bill, …

Chinese restaurant
I think that’s where the information is displayed.

Chinese restaurant
Free tea that didn’t taste of chlorine and had a lemongrass aftertaste.

Chinese restaurant
Real fruit tea.

Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant
Vegetarian spaghetti. But I think the soup was not.

Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant



  1. looks very yummie. šŸ™‚ not to say: european!

    what i heared finding food in china is not just difficult for vegetarians. šŸ™‚

  2. well, it’s bound to turn into a food blog. one of the many pastimes of Asians is to eat. and the food is great.

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