Posted by: Dominik | March 11, 2008

watches, bags

Everyone always tries to sell you something. The sellers walk around like anyone else and then attack you. Especially if you’re a foreigner. Do foreigners buy watches and bags every other day? It’s been unpleasant on Nanjing Road but unbearable in and around the City Gold Temple.

Watches, Bags, ...

At first I countered the permanent “watches, bags, t-shirts, …” touting by showing my watch with a “look, I already have a great watch” but then realized that there has to be a better way to get rid of them. So I bought the card they’re always showing from one of the vendors and the next time someone approached me I did the same with him. Didn’t really work but at least it was great fun.

Watches, bags, ...



  1. This is so true! I recently posted about shopping in Beijing too. I once had my arms almost ripped from my shoulders by two vendors (whose eyes I did not even catch) fighting over trying to sell me something I never showed the slightest interest in.

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