Posted by: Dominik | March 16, 2008

poor little laundry

We’re also having a top loading washing machine here, but the basket is mounted horizontally, not vertically as in the one I had used before. My landlady explained me how to operate it last week. It only works with cold water and, to make things even worse, she only used the shortest program. Bottom line: The laundry felt as if it had just been wetted and didn’t smell fresh at all.

Today I wanted to use the thing by myself. And then she came. No idea what she said exactly but again I wasn’t allowed use one of the longer programs. šŸ˜¦ I’m going crazy. I want clean things.

I could wash them again when she isn’t looking…



  1. […] This time she came and turned the wheel to the medium program, not the shortest one. Wow. Perhaps it was due to the larger amount of laundry. In the end the things didn’t feel […]

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