Posted by: Dominik | March 30, 2008

hanzi he fayin

Chinese test tomorrow morning, I’m learning hanzi. It’s impossible. I can mostly recognize and read them and if I see one I know how to write it. But if I shall write one with given pinyin or on my own I’m totally lost.

And I still can’t memorize the tones, not to mention that even if I know the right ones I’m unable to pronounce them. Instead of “two yuan” (liǎng kuài) I say “cold weather” (liáng kuài) and my noodles (miàntiáo) tend to become sanitary napkins (miántiáo).


  1. Drück Dir die Daumen – Du machst das schon!

  2. […] writing hanzi A Kazakh classmate and I had to write the hanzi for the new lesson on the whiteboard. With the help of the book, so it wasn’t too difficult. […]

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