Posted by: Dominik | April 11, 2008

getting my hair cut

With a picture of me after I had gotten my hair cut in Germany, I finally went to the barber’s. Usually it only takes about ten to fifteen minutes but this time I spent almost an hour there. For 38 Yuan (about 3,60 Euro) I got my hair washed, a head massage and a haircut.

Then the barber (r.) wanted the washing guy to take a picture of him and me and I took one of them.

I got the hair wash and the massage on the front chair on the left but had to go to the back to wash out the shampoo.

The lights were already turned off when I left around midnight but when they realized that I’m taking a picture they turned them on again:



  1. but we wanna see your new haircut!

  2. There’s not much difference.

  3. […] barber’s. We think the sign says they will reopen on April […]

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