Posted by: Dominik | January 14, 2009

a snake in the hand

A German friend raves about her hand creme, two Chinese friends explain it consists of snake oil. There were times where this would have surprised me more.

Posted by: Dominik | January 12, 2009



Posted by: Dominik | January 12, 2009

too much

It was quite hard for a good friend to adapt to the “new me”. She didn’t know where to look and what to say. As if we had never met before. Strange…

Taking off the glasses helped to ease the situation.

Posted by: Dominik | January 12, 2009

we believe

Pandora isn’t allowed to provide its service outside the US:

We believe that you are in China

Using Tor sometimes loads the application without playing the music. And sometimes doesn’t:

We believe you are in Germany

Posted by: Dominik | January 11, 2009

special hug

A friend’s wall says:

special hug

Unlike the link title suggests, there is no way to find out which kind of “special hug” she sent. Instead, you end up on a page where they want you to hug others yourself. And, of course, the “Skip” button doesn’t work.

I hate these applications.

Posted by: Dominik | January 10, 2009


New clothes, new glasses, new coat, new haircut. Project completed.

Posted by: Dominik | January 9, 2009

i loved shanghai

Seems that I love Shanghai moved to a new location. There was still a small light in the old place, the interior and a blackboard: “Bar for Leasing”.

Posted by: Dominik | January 9, 2009

two pairs

An afternoon at the glasses market. It’s nothing new that I can’t decide which ones to take. This time I just got two of them. No problem for 150 Yuan (about 15 Euro) each.

Posted by: Dominik | January 8, 2009

three to six months

I want to have a netbook. I want to have this netbook. I will have to wait. šŸ˜¦

Posted by: Dominik | January 6, 2009

what’s really important

I passed my first exam today. But it means more to me that I could read and sing some Chinese songs at KTV this evening.

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